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1994-1999 Dodge Ram 1500 2-3" Lift Control Arms

1994-1999 Dodge Ram 1500 2-3" Lift Control Arms

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We are please to bring you are heavy duty tubular control arms for:

1994-1999 Dodge 1500

Product Description: 
These is a complete set of (4) 2 upper and 2 lower brand new tubular control arms for the front of a 1994-1999 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 with 2-3 Inches of suspension lift. We are the original manufacturer of these, and have built them for other sellers on here for several years. We recently made the decision to offer them directly to the public but they have been available through other suppliers for a very long time. They are the correct length to correspond with a 2-3" lift kit keeping your front axle centered in the fender well as well as providing correct caster angles for drivability and optimal tire wear. These are sold in sets of 4, because you should replace both uppers AND lowers at the same time to maintain correct geometry. If you've installed any kind lift or leveling kit, you DEFINITELY need longer control arms! As you lift the truck, the angle of the arms increases, pulling it back in the wheel well. These are 1/2" over stock.

So what sets our control arms apart from the competition us may ask? A lot does! We use DOM tubing in the construction of the arms AS WELL AS the sleeve the bolt passes through. Some of our competitors use a  thin wall, rolled over pipe similar to a shock sleeve which leaves a gap/seam. These arms undergo large amounts of pressure while accelerating speed and using your brakes. The competitors sleeves start to pull apart at that seam, which leaves a sharp edge inside the bushing. In no time the bushings start to shred from the inside out. Our sleeves are heavy wall DOM, with no seam, alleviating this very common problem. So you can relax, knowing you made the right decision with our control arms on your truck! 

Product Finish: 

We offer these raw, black, or in a custom color of your choice. Please let us know in the notes section at checkout which color you would like if you select the custom color option.
 Powder coating gives them elegance as well as extreme durability to the elements. We apply 10 mils of powder and bake at 400 degrees for no less than 20 minutes. The results are a finish that is capable of withstanding anything you can throw at it. 

This particular kit comes ready to install utilizing your stock hardware.

All of our products come complete with detailed step by step install instructions to ensure installation is a breeze. Average install time for this kit is 60-90 minutes.

Package Includes:

2 - Lower Control Arms

2- Upper Control Arms